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About Us


Admiralty Westside Lodge is privately owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. William Brent. Built by hand from hand-cut logs in 1975, the cabin offers rustic charm for relaxation. The visitor has a one-of-a-kind opportunity to participate in Alaska's wilderness lifestyle with "Wild Bill," a true Alaskan sourdough, to tell the history of Admiralty and tales of life in the wilderness like you've never imagined!

About the Island

Admiralty - called Kootznoowoo by the Tlingit Indians - means "Fortress of the Bears." In 1978 Admiralty Island was designated a National Monument by President Jimmy Carter. It is nearly 100 miles long with 700 miles of saltwater shoreline. Admiralty is a beautiful ecosystem with saltwater inlets and beaches, snow capped mountains, and large intact expanses of temperate old-growth rainforests. Its streams teem with salmon, and it has the densest population of brown bears and nesting bald eagles found anywhere in the world. Wild and intact ecosystems such as this are becoming a rarity in our modern world. Admiralty is a true treasure for anyone to see.


What our clients say...

"Christina, Gene, Ann, Max and I had a great time at the Lodge. You were a very good host, and the Admiralty Island surroundings are something I will remember for a long time. Our hats are off to you for providing a resource for a remote Alaska experience yet not far fom Juneau."

George Pfeffer, Edmonds, WA

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